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Lesbian Veteran Finds Love After Trauma

A new documentary shows how an Iraq War veteran learned to smile again. 

In 2003, Cpl. Brittany Jackson was ambushed during a mission near Baghdad. A bullet whizzed by her face shattering the window of her vehicle and causing massive damage to her jaw and teeth. In this clip from the short documentary Cpl. Brittany Jackson's Smile, she recounts the moments leading up to the ambush and the immediate aftermath. When she returned home to the States, the military refused to cover dental implants, and she was left without the medical help she desperately needed. Fifteen years and 30 dentists later, she got her implants for free from a benevolent Pensacola, Fla., doctor. The implants were designed and molded by Brittany's wife, Nikki, 23 years Brittany's senior, who loves to see her smile.

Watch the nine-minute documentary Cpl. Brittany Jackson's Smile from director Lev Pakman.

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