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Conversion Therapy Ban Fails in a Missouri County Held by Democrats

Democrats hold seven of nine seats on the legislative body but couldn’t pass a ban on the harmful practice.

Right-Wing Drag Queen Lady MAGA USA Now a 'Costume Artist'

She’s a drag queen but wants to be identified as a costume artist going forward.

Anti-Woke Book's Author Humiliated, Can’t Define ‘Woke’ in Interview

Republicans don’t know what the word means, but they know they hate everything having to do with it.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Libs of TikTok Creator Chaya Raichik Does Bizarre CPAC Talk

She's on a media tour to sell her book.

Tennessee Governor Signs Felony Drag Show Bill, Bans Gender-Affirming Care

The legislation signed by GOP Gov. Bill Lee restricts drag performances and prohibits certain gender-affirming care.

Va. Republican Calls Pete Buttigieg 'Pete Buttplug'

He's not the first one to make the homophobic comment.

Va. GOP Block Democratic Measure to Enshrine Marriage Equality Rights

Democrats wanted to give Virginians the opportunity to vote on a measure that would have allowed the state constitution to be amended to reflect marriage equality rights for all within the state.

Schlapp, Santos, Black Men, and a Chinese Balloon

A hovering white bloat is a metaphor for white, conservative Christians floating over people of color.

Video: George Santos Appeared at Brandon Straka Event Under Alias

It seems to depend on the day to know what name Rep. George Santos is going by, a resurfaced video making its rounds online shows.

George Santos Claims He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

In other words, George Santos wants another election. 

'Clean Up Your House,' Democrats Tell GOP Leadership After Santos Saga

Now that the lying congressman from New York is seated, there's not much that can be done to get him to go if he refuses -- aside from an act of Congress.

Santos's Aide Reportedly Claimed to Be Kevin McCarthy's Chief of Staff

A staffer on the George Santos campaign is accused of impersonating Kevin McCarthy's chief of staff in order to secure donations.

Christian Walker Slams CPAC's Matt Schlapp Over Groping Allegations

Herschel Walker's son says Matt Schlapp allegedly groping staffer on father's campaign staff demonstrates conservative hypocrisy.

Elon Musk Joins Anti-LGBTQ+ Libs of TikTok to Mock Fired Employee

The wealthiest man in the world and one of the most toxic Twitter trolls in the country shared an ableist joke about one of Musk's former employees.

Federal 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Introduced by House Republicans

The GOP wants to ban things like dancing...really.

Conservatives Spew Transphobia at Already Anti-Trans Federal Agency

Some right-wing influencers got upset about a tweet by a relatively obscure federal agency, the Selective Service System.

John Oliver Calls Out Republican Transphobia

The comedian highlighted the absurdity with which the GOP is attacking transgender rights this election cycle.

9 Times Lindsey Graham Was an Absolute Drama Queen

Sen. Lindsey Graham has mastered the art of fake outrage. 

Pete Buttigieg Claps Back at GOP Chair's Glaring Homophobia

The transportation secretary put the Michigan Republican on blast for a homophobic comment she made about him recently.

Neighbors Call 911 on GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert's Husband

Rep. Lauren Boebert's neighbors called 911 on her husband fearing that he was driving intoxicated and "armed to the hilt."