High cholesterol
may boost chances for breast cancer recurrence

scientists report in the journal Breast Cancer
Research and Treatment
that elevated total
cholesterol levels may increase the risk of breast
cancer recurrence. The researchers say prior studies
have already shown that obesity and insulin resistance can
boost breast cancer recurrence chances and that high
cholesterol levels are often tied to both conditions.
But their new study included 520 women of average
weight who had normal blood-insulin levels and who had been
treated for breast cancer. The new findings showed that
women with high total cholesterol levels were at a
slightly greater risk for breast cancer recurrence
than those with low or average cholesterol counts.
Elevated triglyceride levels, however, appeared to have no
effect on cancer risks.

The researchers
are calling for additional studies into the effect
of cholesterol on breast cancer to confirm their findings.

Studies have
shown that lesbians may be at a higher risk for breast
cancer than their heterosexual peers. (Advocate.com)

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