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Lesbian Couple Suing Kim Davis Gets Married


April Miller and Karen Roberts, the first couple to be denied a marriage license by Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis following an order by the Supreme Court, celebrated their wedding over the weekend with dozens of friends, family, and supporters. They are proceeding with their lawsuit, whch will likely drag out for months.

Miller and Roberts, who were at the center of the national controversy over LGBT rights and "religious freedom," made only one rule for their wedding day: no one could talk about Davis. "This is about us and our wedding," Roberts told the Associated Press.

Technically, this wedding was the second for Miller and Roberts, who have been together 11 years. The day after Davis was sent to jail on contempt of court charges for refusing to follow a federal judge's order to issue the documents, the couple was issued a license by a deputy clerk. They feared that Davis would cause further problems when released from jail, so they had an impromptu wedding at their home.

Saturday's formal ceremony, held at a local reception hall, was a way for friends and supporters to share in the couple's happiness. They invited 125 guests, who cheered them on as they reflected on the battle that made the day possible.

"It's been an amazing journey and we'd like to thank all the people who stood with us from June 30 to today," Miller told their guests. "This is your party, too."

"It's a really big reward for all our hard work to culminate in a big, beautiful party," Nashia Fife, a member of the Rowan County Right Coalition, told the Associated Press. "It's so wonderful, so long overdue."

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