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Cowboys Make Love in Genre-Defying Country Music Video

Indiana Queen

A country music band has swapped leather boots for a leather harness.

Indiana Queen’s tender new music video for the song “I Don't Know What To Do” showcases a romance not typically seen in the conservative music genre.

The black-and-white clip shows two bearded men kiss and make love, a scene that is set against the backdrop of the American prairie.

While artists like Steve Grand have shown audiences same-sex kissing in videos like "All-American Boy," this may be the first to combine cowboy hats and kink.

According to Kevin Thornton, a queer singer of Indiana Queen, the men depicted in the music video are a real-life, same-sex couple from Nashville.

"My initial inspiration for the video was film noir cowboy and horse fantasy,” he told The Huffington Post. “When I asked my friends Phillipe and Nick [to be in the video], they brought so much chemistry it morphed into something else, but I really love the end result."

The song, "I Don't Know What To Do,” will be on the band’s upcoming album I Built A Fire, which is set to be released February 16.

Watch the NSFW video below.

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