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Dixon Dallas Gets Candid on Rising Stardom, Handling Critics, and Sexuality

Dixon Dallas Gets Candid on Rising Stardom, Handling Critics, and Sexuality

Dixon Dallas

Unapologetic and unpredictable: Dixon Dallas opens up about his meteoric rise and shattering norms.


In a recent sit-down with ET Canada’s Dallas Dixon — an encounter that had both laughing over their similar names — emerging country artist Dixon Dallas shed light on his career trajectory, his interactive style of dealing with haters, and the swirling questions regarding his sexuality.

Dallas is the alter-ego of Alabama musician Jake Hill.

Discussing his viral hit, “Good Lookin’,” Dallas outlined his objective: “I just wanted to kind of shake things up a bit.”

Indeed, his ambition of altering the prevailing narrative of country music is achieved through the song that explores themes from various perspectives, whether it is “a man singing about a man, or … the girl’s perspective.”

Dallas shared, “I got a lot of messages [from] people saying that the song actually means something to them.”

The lyrics, which he described as different from what has been traditionally heard in country tracks, have hit a chord with a diverse audience, fostering a more inclusive conversation.

Dixon Dallas - Good Lookin' (Live Music Video)

Dallas’s discussed his engagement with his admirers and detractors. When queried about how he manages hate messages, he candidly revealed his approach of sometimes responding with a “little snarky comment.”

It is not uncommon to find him indulging in banter with those who express disdain for his fresh style, perceived as shaking the roots of traditional country music, a genre typically steeped in specific sets of values and norms of a conservative bent.

Dallas emphasized the comedic aspect of these interactions, noting it’s “funny to see those type of people getting mad at what I do.”

Dixon Dallas doesn’t shy away from addressing the speculations and conversations surrounding his sexuality that are rife in the online sphere. Facing questions of being gay, bi, or accused of queer baiting, Dallas stands firm in his stance of not pigeonholing himself into any label.

“First off, nobody knows my sexuality. I could be gay, I could be bi, I could be straight,” Dallas told the outlet, echoing sentiments he previously shared with, one of The Advocate's sibling news sites.

Unfazed by the varied opinions and theories about his sexual orientation, Dallas reiterated his primary focus remains on the swathes of fans who find a reflection of their experiences in his music.

“I’m going to keep doing this for the people that have sent me messages saying that my music means something to them,” he said.

Dallas Dixon jokingly wondered if Dixon Dallas had ever been thrown jockstraps during performances, similar to Drake’s experiences on the road.

With a laugh, Dallas responded, “I haven’t got a jockstrap thrown at me just yet.”

Watch Dixon Dallas’s interview with ET Canada’s Dallas Dixon below.

Dixon Dallas On Viral Hit 'Good Lookin'', Responding To Haters & His

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