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Author of federal marriage ban deemed vulnerable incumbent

Author of federal marriage ban deemed vulnerable incumbent

U.S. representative Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado, who authored the proposed federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, has been rated one of the 10 most vulnerable Republican representatives in the country by her own party, even though she represents a heavily GOP district. She's one of two Colorado Republicans on the list, along with Rep. Bob Beauprez of Arvada. The endangered list is intended to highlight vulnerable incumbents, help them raise money early in the election cycle, and frighten off potential challengers. Democrats say that while Musgrave, of Fort Morgan, has gained a national profile pushing the amendment, she has lost touch with the day-to-day concerns of her constituents in northern Colorado and the eastern plains. "She apparently thinks the most important issue is whether gays and lesbians can get married," said Colorado Democratic chairman Chris Gates. "I think people in her district are more concerned about jobs, health care, education, and roads." Musgrave aides did not respond to requests for comment about the endangered list, more formally called the "Retain Our Majority Program," carried out by the political action committee of House majority leader Tom DeLay of Texas. Musgrave won her last election narrowly, with 51% of the vote. Democrat Stan Matsunaka got 45%, while Green Party candidate Bob Kinsey got 4%. In 2000, the last election for which figures are available, President Bush won her district with 57% of the vote. The narrowness of her win surprised many observers. She was not on the top 10 list for the 2004 election, and she was not targeted by national Democrats. Carl Forti of the National Republican Congressional Committee said it was "a little surprising" that Musgrave would be deemed endangered by her own party.

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