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The "Sexiest Teacher Alive" is a Huge LGBT Ally

The 'Sexiest Teacher Alive' Is a Huge LGBT Ally

Nicholas Ferroni advocates for LGBT history in his classroom. 

Nicholas Ferroni was named People Magazine's Sexiest Teacher Alive in 2014, a title the high school history teacher uses to promote his agenda of teaching the country's youth. Ferroni is an advocate not only for LGBTQ students but all students. He is on a mission to include LGBT history in classrooms across the country. "As a cisgender, straight man it is part of my purpose to show people that we are all created equal and should all be given the same rights and opportunities," Ferroni says. In this video The Advocate's contributing reporter Kelsey Minor interviews Ferroni during one of his history lessons, getting him to open up about teaching, being an LGBT advocate, and the need for more people like him in the classroom.

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