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Ivanka Trump Helps Migrant Families by Giving 50K to Anti-LGBT Church 

Ivanka Trump Helps Migrant Families by Giving 50K to Anti-LGBT Church 

Ivanka Trump

The First Daughter donated to a church whose pastor has railed against marriage equality. 

In light of her father's cruel "zero tolerance" immigration policy that separated thousands of children from their families at the border, Ivanka Trump donated $50,000 to a Plano, Texas-based church that's working to reunite those families.

But of all the charities Trump could have chosen to support in its efforts to help migrant families, she picked anti-LGBT Prestonwood Baptist Church, an evangelical ministry that labels same-sex attraction and anything other than traditional gender identity as "sexual identity confusion." In 2015 the church's pastor responded to the Supreme Court decision that led to national marriage equality with a call for God to "deliver us from evil."

An article on the Christian site CBN reported that Ivanka Trump donated money to help reunite the kids that her father's administration wrested from their parents under its draconian policy. Originally, the leader of the ministry wished to remain anonymous, according to Vanity Fair.

By Sunday, Prestonwood Pastor Jack Graham, whose ministry's website touts what it refers to as "sexual wholeness" to counter all LGBT identity, broke his silence and bragged about his association with the First Daughter, who donated privately to the church after he tweeted about efforts to help reunite families.

His tweet and Ivanka Trump's donation came before Donald Trump signed an executive order that halted the practice of separating families in favor of locking them up together indefinitely. Ivanka Trump subsequently praised her father in a tone-deaf tweet that failed to recognize that the president and his cronies were the architects of the harmful separation policy.

"I've had the opportunity to meet with Ivanka Trump a number of times over the last year, and I've been struck by her kindness and concern for those in need," Graham told CBN. "So, it wasn't that surprising to know she would want to help these families. But I certainly never expected to hear from her after a simple tweet."

Graham's church falls shy of implementing conversion therapy. But its website tells LGBT people, "Sexual health begins by understanding that our sex [male or female] is fixed in us at our creation and not a social construct or individual choice that is subject to alteration by the person created."

To CBN, Graham praised Ivanka Trump and called for Americans to give up their politics and join together to help others.

"What if more Americans, whatever their politics, decided to take to heart the needs of others and do what they can to help? Countless lives would be transformed. Hopefully, Ivanka's generosity will inspire many other Americans to get off the sidelines and actually provide tangible help to those in need," said the pastor who railed against marriage equality in a fiery column.

"The biblical design of marriage is clear: a man and a woman living and loving together in a monogamous relationship in the image of God. Today, same-sex marriage is at the forefront of the fight for the biblical family," Graham wrote in response to the 2015 Supreme Court decision that legalized marriage nationally for same-sex couples. "Gay marriage violates God's standard and is outside God's plan for men and women."

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