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Conservatives Are Big Mad About Jen Psaki Starring in a Gay Comedian’s New Video

Benito Skinner and Jen Psaki

A video featuring White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s intern, Kooper (the alter ego of queer sketch comedian Benito Skinner), has conservatives clutching their pearls on social media. Because not only is the video part of the White House’s campaign to “get shots in the arms of every single American,” but Kooper is flamboyantly gay. 

Kooper, the incompetent Gen Z intern, is just one of the characters that Skinner’s become known for on social media, but he was the perfect fit for the White House’s campaign to encourage young people to get vaccinated against the virus at the center of the ongoing global pandemic. 

In the video, Kooper brings his particular brand of chaos to Psaki’s office, popping in to say hi to POTUS, making unrequested nail appointments in the name of “initiative,” and of course, doing his part to get “get shots in the arms of every single American” before heading out for a haircut. 

The video is funny and winning, so of course, conservative commentators led by Donald Trump Jr. (because of course) are getting up in arms about it on social media. 

The outrage has left others wondering if the right wing understood that the video was a joke — or understood its purpose. 

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