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Newly Named LGBTQ+Commission Chair Congratulated on Grindr, Goes Viral

Justice Horn

Justice Horn says he's just a gay public servant being himself, which includes using Grindr.


The newly named Chair of the City of Kansas City LGBTQ Commission is receiving a lot of attention for his recent appointment, including on Grindr.

Justice Horn, 24, was named to the leadership post on Thursday after serving as vice chair for two years. On Monday, the out former collegiate wrestler posted a screenshot of a Grindr conversation purporting to congratulate him on the new gig on Twitter.

"I do not and will not regret posting this because I'm young, single, and gay--but even the folks on Grindr are wishing me well on becoming Chair of the LGBTQ Commission. Thanks, kings," Horn tweeted.

The screenshot associated with the tweet shows a recognizable Grindr interaction. "Hey, congrats," somebody sent. "Thank you! Really means a lot," the recipient, Horn, replied.

The tweet has been seen more than 300,000 times and has been liked more than 6,000 times.

Horn tells The Advocate that the tweet is authentic.

"I've really been recognized on dating apps, from the news, and because I only do work in this community," Horn says.

He explains that he received messages from several profiles on Grindr and Tinder -- the only two apps he uses -- congratulating him.

"Or, 'you're Justice Horn," he says. "Then I'd confirm, and they say they saw the announcement."

He says he thanked everybody and appreciated the kindness.

Horn is no stranger to the spotlight.

Last year, as he was running for the Jackson County Legislature, hooligans defaced his campaign signs with the slur, f*g. Yet, the Gen Z leader remains undeterred.

"It was funny being recognized in an unconventional way, but I think American politics would make you believe that this isn't okay," Horn says.

For that reason, the official remains steadfast and unapologetic about his visibility.

"I'm young, single, and gay--and I'm in a position to serve my community, but I'm so much more than that. With the tweet starting to trend, others relate. It's being relatable and hopefully making local government and politics more accessible," he says.

To any critics, Horn says that people are people and should be allowed to be themselves.

"Public servants are regular people, and regular people use dating apps like Grindr," Horn says.

As chair, Horn leads a 13-member commission with a single mission of serving the LGBTQ+ community in Kansas City through advising elected officials.

The commission, Horn says, is the first of its kind in Missouri. Horn is also the first Gen Z Kansas Citian to chair a city board or commission.

"I'm obviously openly LGBTQ, and that means that comes with everything," Horn says. "I'm single, young, and sexually active, and that's nothing to be ashamed of."

He adds, "I can both have a professional and personal life, and I think that's why so many people are connecting and uplifting this. It challenges our society's visual of what those in power should look like and act [like]."

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