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Lauren Boebert Gives Awkward Defense of Theater Incident

Lauren Boebert Gives Awkward Defense of Theater Incident

Lauren Boebert

Boebert cites her “overtly animated personality” as the reason for her ejection from the Beetlejuice musical.

Despite a video showing her engaged in lewd acts with a date, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, the congresswoman who represents Colorado’s third district, seems unable to land on whether she’s sorry or not for the actions that got her and a date kicked out of a Denver theater two Sundays ago.

After her campaign first denied that she was vaping during Beetlejuice: The Musical (a show for ages 10 and up), instead blaming a smoke machine that was part of the production, and a video showed her blowing clouds of vapor from her mouth in her seat, she apologized Friday in an online statement, citing her divorce and proclaiming, “I simply fell short of my values.”

However, on Sunday, Boebert, still having not acknowledged that she was caught on video fondling her date’s genitals and he was caught with her breasts in hand, downplayed the incident during a friendly and awkward interview on a far-right television outlet.

She attributed her removal from the Beetlejuice performance to her “overtly animated personality.”

“I was a little too eccentric. I am very known for having an animated personality — maybe overtly animated personality,” the conservative legislator confessed during an interview with One America News Network’s Dan Ball.

“Me too,” Ball said in agreement, looking into the camera and giving a wink to Boebert in an apparent show of camaraderie.

Detailing the events that led to her ejection, Boebert noted she was “laughing, I was singing, having a fantastic time” until she was asked to moderate her behavior, a directive she falsely claimed she followed, though the video shows otherwise.

She asserted that the situation only escalated when she started to take pictures inside the venue.

Adding his own experience, Ball divulged, “I’ve done it too. I’ve snuck ’em. He speculated that Boebert might have been targeted by left-leaning members of the audience who recognized her since the show took place in “liberal” Denver.

“The people that complained to the ushers that you’re being noisy could have recognized you and been like, ‘Oh, that’s that MAGA girl.’ You know how they are. I get it. I think you explained it well enough. And the mainstream media can take a flyin’” before clearing his throat without uttering the expletive.

Aside from the mutual groping, the video showed a pregnant woman asking Boebert to stop vaping, Boebert taking flash photographs during the show, and Boebert dancing and throwing her hands in the air before staff asked her to leave. The same video showed the conservative 36-year-old grandmother and mother of four flipping off the facility staff and appearing to argue with employees as she made her way out of the building.

Boebert’s critics point out that the denunciation of her lies in the hypocrisy the self-identified conservative Christian demonstrated by her actions, while she has called drag queens and transgender people “groomers” and has painted the LGBTQ+ community as deviants who “sexualize” kids by merely existing in the same spaces with them.

The Advocate requested a response to questions about the congresswoman’s behavior in light of her stance on LGBTQ+ issues from a spokesperson for Boebert but did not receive an answer.

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