WATCH: Kids React to Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

WATCH: Kids React to Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

More than a dozen young people between the ages of 5 and 13 were shown two videos of same-sex marriage proposals and had their reactions recorded for a new episode of the YouTube series Kids React.

“The opinions of the children about these issues can give incredibly valuable insight into where our society currently stands and where we are headed as people,” filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine state at the beginning of the episode. “It’s important to discuss these topics openly in hopes of a better tomorrow through dialogue and conversation.”

From shock and confusion to applause for the proposals and irritation over the lack of equal marriage rights, the on-camera reactions of the 13 kids offer a revealing look at attitudes toward LGBT equality among youth and a glimpse at the changing attitudes towards same-sex marriage.   

Watch the segment below. 

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