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The Daily Show's Mo Rocca Comes Out

The Daily Show's Mo Rocca Comes Out

After years of is-he-or-isn’t-he debates, former Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca came out in a podcast interview with The Six Pack, a show about “news, views, and dudes” hosted by Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin.

“I'm just more comfortable with myself now,” Rocca said. “It's taken me until I'm 42 to begin feel this way.”

Rocca, a CBS Sunday Morning contributor and the host of The Tomorrow Show, has nearly a half million Twitter followers, which makes him a significant voice in the media.

Rocca also talked about being outside Stonewall Inn the night New York enacted marriage equality: “I tweeted about it. It was very memorable, very emotional, it was a great place to be.”

The sardonic journalist was surprisingly frank on The Six Pack, for instance, talking about some Fire Island gays who, he says, “combine desperation with ruthlessness, and it's just not a winning combination. To see someone who looks terrified, and kind of hungry and scared, and at the same time it's vicious. They're like starving jackals!”

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