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WATCH: Behind the Scenes of That Heartwarming Wells Fargo Commercial

WATCH: Behind the Scenes of That Heartwarming Wells Fargo Commercial

Last month Wells Fargo, a prominent LGBT corporate ally, released a heartwarming commercial featuring a lesbian couple learning sign language in preparation for adopting a young hearing-impaired girl.

Well, to add to all the happy tears, the banking powerhouse has just put out a short but sweet behind-the-scenes video from the set of the groundbreaking commercial. It showcases the young actress who plays the prospective adoptee teaching her future moms how to say “love is love” in sign language. The video is just as affecting as the commercial itself — possibly more so.

“I think what we really wanted to do was to tell a universal story about creating a family,” John Lake. Wells Fargo vice president and LGBT segment manager, told gay news blog Towleroad. “We’d been wanting to include LGBT imagery in our general market advertising for a while, but we never really had the right opportunity. We wanted it to be authentic. This particular story just happened organically. We all knew once we heard it that it illustrated perfectly this idea of working hard to reach your goals in a really emotional and resonant way, whether the audience was LGBT or not. We really wanted to tell a story about a couple working hard to create a family.”

Watch Wells Fargo’s exclusive behind-the-scenes clip below.

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