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LISTEN: LGBT Movement 'Winning by Virtue of Force,' Says Rush Limbaugh

LISTEN: LGBT Movement 'Winning by Virtue of Force,' Says Rush Limbaugh

Right-wing radio talker Rush Limbaugh had an answer Friday for a caller who wondered why same-sex couples can’t just be happy they can marry and avoid bringing discrimination suits against businesses that don’t want to provide services for their weddings — ir’s because the LGBT rights movement must use force to sustain its victories.

“I’ve developed a theory to explain this phenomenon,” Limbaugh said with characteristic, uh, modesty on his eponymous radio program. He believes these couples are targeting, for instance, bakers that they know will turn them away so they can then “bring the full force of government down on that bakery with the desire of shutting it down,” he told the caller.

This is because, he continued, the leaders of the LGBT rights movement “realize that they’re winning by virtue of force, and I think they believe they can only sustain the victory by use of force.” He said, however, that he doesn’t blame ordinary gay couples — which seems an odd statement, considering they’re the ones bringing the suits.

Listen to his rant below, courtesy of Media Matters.

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