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Ultimate Revenge: On SNL, a Gay Woman Humiliates Antigay Jeff Sessions

Ultimate Revenge: On SNL, a Gay Woman Humiliates Antigay Jeff Sessions


The racist attorney general, who locked children in cages, gets his just desserts, with a comedic send-off from Kate McKinnon.

When it comes to vile Trump cabinet members, there may be none more despicable than now-fired attorney general Jeff Sessions. He encouraged the Education Department to remove protective guidance for transgender children in schools, sent his lawyers to argue that antigay workplace discrimination is fine, worked to define trans people out of existence, sat by as his fellow Republicans worked to disenfranchise minority voters, and, maybe worst of all, removed migrant children from their families and placed them in cages.

So, even though Trump didn't fire him for any of the aforementioned crimes -- instead canning him for not protecting him from a Special Counsel probe into his campaign's seemingly obvious efforts to steal the 2016 election by colluding with Russia -- most LGBTQ people could not be happier that Sessions is gone. That was made clear in Saturday Night Live's cold open this weekend, with lesbian star Kate McKinnon ravaging the disgraced ex-AG.

Portraying him as a racist, homophobic possum-human hybrid, McKinnon took the last of his dignity and sent it back to Alabama (where his old Senate seat is now served by a Democrat). Extra points to SNL and McKinnon for reminding viewers that Coretta Scott King warned the Senate 30 years ago that Sessions was too racist for a federal judge position. And extra, extra points for insinuating Mike Pence gets aroused at the thought of "gays and cages."

Watch below:

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