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Falling for Angels

Watch This Emotional Telling of How One Black Man Comes Out

Celebrate Black History Month by taking a journey to Leimert Park, a majority-black neighborhood in south Los Angeles, where a closeted man's life turns unsustainable.

In this episode of LGBT series Falling for Angels, writer-director Waymon Boone tells a story about "how much living your truth can affect those around you." In Leimert Park, Abraham, a black slam poet with the perfect body, job, and girlfriend, comes to terms with the fact he is queer. Abraham struggles to break away from standards of masculinity to which he'd been so desperate to conform and all the stereotypes with which he's ingrained.

"I think one of the most important things of being yourself is not leaving a path of destruction behind you," said Boone in an interview with The Advocate when the episode was first released. As Abraham decides whether to live unapologetically or maintain his facade of a put-together, straight man, he searches for a path that doesn't come with devastation.

Now, thanks to Here TV, you can watch the episode for free (see above) or by downloading the Here TV app.

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