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New Garment Promises to Solve Problem of Unwanted Male Attention

New Garment Promises to Solve Problem of Unwanted Male Attention

The Trasnparen-she promises to liberate women by rendering us invisible!

The question of what to wear is one that plagues women whose very choice of outfit may determine what type of day we have.

Will men catcall us? Will we be dressed "too frumpy"? Will we be told we are distracting to certain men at work? Should we be wearing more or less makeup? Will someone find a woman's head covering offensive?

Two New York women were recently attacked by a bigot who identified them as Muslims by their head coverings and shouted xenophobic comments, police say. In France, Muslim women's fashion recently came under fire as modest women's bathing suits known as "burkinis" were banned on beaches in some towns. Officers patrolled the beach demanding that women in the outfits disrobe.

While women wearing religious garments may find themselves targets of hate crimes, females in secular outfits do not escape censure. Girls may be sent home from school for displaying bare shoulders or hips, and many regulations in school dress codes seem to be designed to police female bodies.

Even teachers may be shamed for their attire based on the shape of their bodies. Just recently, an Atlanta teacher identified as Patrice Brown was shamed and fetishized online after posting photos of herself in her classroom wearing a formfitting dress. Some Twitter users called her outfit "distracting," while others proclaimed their desire for Brown, launching the hashtag #TeacherBae.

Brown told The Daily Dot, "I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters -- which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them."

To solve the problem of women's bodies actually existing and women needing to wear clothes, feminist journalist Liz Plank devised a revolutionary new product: the Transparen-she, a "garment" that renders women invisible from the head down.

"Can't determine if society wants you to be a virgin or a whore? Now you don't have to choose," Plank says in the video. "You can be neither because your personhood will literally disappear!"

Hopefully we won't have to resort to this!

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