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Preteen Drag Queen Buys House for Family


Twelve-year-old Thai drag sensation Nes parlayed his success as a beauty guru and brand influencer into a new house for his family, reports Tilllate, a Thai website.

Nes’s parents saw his interest in makeup at a young age, and instead of discouraging him, they gave him pointers. He is one of the biggest influencers in Thailand with over 300,000 followers on Instagram and is often seen attending celebrity galas, rubbing elbows with other Thai celebrities.

"Nes is just twelve years old, but Nes can build a house for his parents," a fan wrote in a translated post from Instagram, according to Tilllate. "To all the generous people: Thanks!"

The child star is praised for his versatility and creativity when it comes to the looks he cultivates. Even though he's faced bullying from classmates, his confidence is clearly infectious.

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