Artist Spotlight: Scott G. Brooks



SCOTT G BROOKS 01 XSLIDE | ADVOCATE.COMHow do you choose your subjects?
There are a couple of different ways I come up with subjects for my paintings. Sometimes I'll come up with a concept and work it out completely before I start. Other times the models themselves will inspire me with a specific pose, expression, or outfit. Other times I'll just have a glimmer of a concept and start there. Most all my paintings evolve over time. It usually takes a few weeks to finish one up, and in that time, things shift or my perception of the subject changes as I focus on it more. I continuously ask myself what it means — and why I'm painting it. The process is much like therapy.

How do you describe your work?
My work is figurative.

What makes a good painting to you?
I like to see that there is some thought behind a painting, either in execution or subject matter. It should also be telling me something new or be funny. That said, I'm pretty easy to please.

Who are your favorite artists?
I have lots of favorite artists. A few contemporary artists I like are Joel-Peter Witkin, Odd Nerdrum, Dave Cooper, H.R. Giger, and R. Crumb. Classic painters I like include Ingres, David, Rubens, and Parmigianino. There are far too many to list here, I look at everyone's work.

And why?
Witkin is a photographer, so I like him because of his unbelievable subject matter and also the texture of his work. The painters I picked out of respect for their technical virtuosity. Cooper and Nerdrum are both amazing painters and funny. They also make it appear effortless.

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