The Gay Men Project

Kevin Truong has amassed thousands of photos of gay men all over the world, proving there is an activism in just existing openly.



Alessio, Student, New York City
Alessio, in his own words: “For me being gay just means being romantically attracted to men."


Jascha and Kevin, Design/Communications, Boston
Kevin, in his own words: “For all of the challenges I had growing up gay, I can see now the path being laid out for me. Had I not felt so different from others, I may not have felt the need to leave my conservative hometown for college. If things weren’t tough for me as a closeted gay kid, I may not have studied psychology to figure out myself and learn how to deal with others too. I may not have done drugs either, I guess (which for all the negative they brought, I actually credit with breaking me of my shyness)."


Ron, Writer/Retired Professor/Church Musician, New York City
Ron, in his own words: "What does it mean to me to be gay? It means that I look at guys, not women, when I walk down the street; that my dreams and fantasies are about guys, and that I have looked among guys for my special companion. Many of my closest friends are women — indeed, because they know I am gay, this removes a barrier; we can be more relaxed with one another. Many gay men share an artistic spirit, which fits my deep love for classical music, my wish to perform. But there is also enormous diversity among gay males. Just as heterosexuals are very diverse, the same is true among us. Indeed, we enjoy expressing our individuality. Not every gay man loves classical music or seeks a monogamous relationship or is religious, though statistics show that gay men are on the average more religious than straight men in spite of the oppression that many of us have received at the hands of our churches and religious bodies. Somehow the spiritual side remains, the link to God, and that to me seems related to the fact that we are often artistic or musicians or actors."

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