Books for Young LGBT Folks and Anyone Who Wants to Understand Them

First loves, family problems, compelling discoveries, self-realization, and acceptance during adolescence to adult years are among the things found in this collection of books.


  UPDATED: September 24 2014 2:24 PM ET

In Stone: A Grotesque Faerie Tale by Jeremy Jordan King (Bold Stroke Books, $11.95)

Jeremy always thought he was an average gay kid from New York, caught between the worlds of adolescence and adulthood. One day he becomes the victim of a horrible act of homophobia. Luckily, he gets the help of Garth, a gargoyle who is trapped in stone and condemned to an immortal life. This is the magical story of human and monster coming together as friends to deal with the events of the past head on. This is sure to appeal to the young generation of fantasy lovers.

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