LGBT Highlights From Comic-Con International 2013

Advocate contributor Jacob Anderson-Minshall recounts a few of his favorite moments from the 2013 pop culture extravaganza.



Friend of Prism Reveals Her Secret Origin

Prism calls Gail Simone (Batgirl, The Movement) “a real-life superhero” for “sitting at our booth to greet her lesbian and gay fans, appearing on our panels, tweeting about us, [and] facing down homophobes on the streets of San Diego.”

Simone works with DC Comics, where she’s been the longest-running female writer on the Wonder Woman comics and also writes for Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave and Birds of Prey, At this year’s Comic-Con she was on numerous panels, including “DC Entertainment: All Access,” and “DC Comics: My Secret Origin or How I Broke Into Comics.”

Although Simone has a background in theater and creative writing, she dropped out of college when she couldn’t afford to keep going, and she opened a hair salon. Even her husband didn’t know she was secretly writing about comics, venting on her website Women in Refrigerators about female comic book characters who were victims of violence or whose victimhood was used solely as a plot device for male characters, and penning the weekly column You'll All Be Sorry! for Comic Book Resources.

When Scott Shaw of Bongo Comics tried to recruit her, she initially replied, “I’m not a writer,” but she finally agreed to take the opportunity, first writing Simpsons comics before moving to DC.

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