Debi Mazar: Debi Does Dancing

The Entourage star discusses her ulterior motive for participating in Dancing With the Stars and why she dedicated her salsa to the queens who helped make her the lady she is today.




Even though you have a husband and children, do you still have gay friends who take you out to clubs from time to time?
No. Now my friends come over and I cook for them, or I have one-on-one luncheons while the kids are at school. Life has definitely changed.

I read that Madonna recently gave you some advice about how to stay focused and be fabulous on the show. Are you ever annoyed when journalists ask you about her and your friendship?
I guess there was a period where it became annoying when I was trying to leave the makeup artist thing behind and put the attention on my acting career, but not anymore. I mean, she’s the most famous pop star of my generation, and I feel lucky that we have a friendship that has transcended almost three decades. We’re both ambitious Leos, we’ve both lived life, and we’ve both had many friends who have died. I’ve been to every wedding she’s had and I’ve seen the birth of her children, and she’s seen the birth of mine. She’s been like a big sister to me. People always want to know how and what she’s doing, but I’m probably her only friend who doesn’t speak to the press about her.

Well, I won’t say, “Break a leg,” but you’ll definitely get my vote this week.
Thank you! Hopefully I can do a good job and make y’all proud. It’s crazy — I had no idea how many people watch this show. I have this one friend, Robert, who goes by Constance. He e-mailed me and said, “Debi, I’ve never asked you for anything in the 25 years I’ve known you, but can I please come to Dancing With the Stars on one of your dance nights?” I don’t know if he’ll come in drag or not, but he’ll definitely be at the next show!

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