Holidays—It Should Be So Nice



 Holiday spirit can be in short supply when arguing with relatives over the dinner table, fighting over Macy’s last discounted sweater, or stuck in an awkward conversation at a badly lit office party. But there are simple ways to make these months sweeter. These 11 gay overachievers offer up their suggestions for a healthier, less stressful, and more socially conscious season. (And tofurkey is mentioned only once!)

Conquering the holiday blues
Exercise is a great way to beat holiday depression! However, suggesting exercise to a friend who is down doesn’t necessarily mean he or she will be motivated enough to follow through. So be proactive and ask friends to join you for runs, hikes, lifting—whatever your choice. A holiday workout buddy makes a big difference for the down-and-out person forging through it alone. Eat healthily and drink moderately—feeling down and drinking are not a fun mix. Overeating and eating the wrong things (think of sugar highs and lows) are a major cause of those holiday blues. Limit the temptation to one cheat meal the night of the holiday. Also, have one thing at a holiday party that’s usually on the naughty list—you can indulge and keep your eating in check at the same time. If you’re single (like me!), don’t isolate! Spend time with friends, throw a party, and say yes to invitations!

BARRY JAY X390 | ADVOCATE.COMBarry Jay, director of curriculum and founder of Barry’s Bootcamp exercise regime (