Holidays—It Should Be So Nice



SWEET ACTIVISM X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMGreat, gender stereotype–free gifts for kids

1. JumpSmart trampoline. The newest craze to hit the gyms in Chelsea (rebounding—working out on a mini trampoline) has made its way down to the tots! Now babies can work out with their daddies or mommies at David Barton or even in their living room. Get those kids camera-ready early, I say!

2. Karaoke machine with voice scrambler. Almost everyone I know already has a karaoke machine, but these new ones can slow down your voice for the ever-popular Elaine Stritch sound. Or speed it up to a Chipmunk/Liza voice. Once baby has been put to bed, daddies can take turns speeding it up to disco classics and relive their coke-fueled Studio 54 nights!

3. Globes. A child is never too young to start learning geography! You can even use pushpins (OK, so what do I know about child safety?) to mark P-Town, Ibiza, New Hope, Pa.—all the international gay destinations.

4. For you name-dropping gays, Ralph Lauren has created a new paint kit for children with his signature colors. Now your 5-year-old can do mock-ups for your apartment. “Junior, do you think Daddy and Daddy should paint the living room Amalfi Red or Monticello Yellow? You’re not leaving your room until both mock-ups are done!”

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