In Their Own Words: Quotes



JANE WIEDLIN X390 (HER SITE) | ADVOCATE.COM “It makes me go, ‘Really?’ Because I never set out for that honor. It was just a matter of treating people the way I wanted to be treated and doing what I know is right. So, when a community of people says, ‘We want to honor you’—just for doing it the way it’s supposed to be done, it makes me go, ‘Wow.’”Mo’Nique, on being awarded the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award

“This is what the Founding Fathers—who Michele Bachmann says she loves so much but seems to know so little about—were strangling each other over in hot rooms in Philadelphia all those summers ago. This is what so many people took a musket ball in the face for. And this country should be the leader on all of that.” —Punk icon Henry Rollins, on the need for marriage equality

“Oh, please…I think straight people are doing a fine job of it already! Gay people pose no threat whatsoever. I mean, let’s think about it: There are blended families, interracial families, single parents—not to mention the dysfunction we see on reality TV. I actually think gay families will lean toward the more conservative and traditional. Talk about irony.” —Broadway actress and singer Lea Salonga, on the notion that same-sex marriage will destroy “traditional” marriage


“I think it made me keener about human behavior. I felt empathy for people who were shunned, who were bullied, who were teased. It made me more aware of the human condition at an early age. I don’t know if I would have the same take on world matters and social issues if I were not gay.” —CNN journalist Don Lemon, on growing up gay in the South

“Some of the most successful interior designers have been straight men. I just think gay men happen to like to experiment a little bit more than straight men do in their own homes when they’re single.”—HGTV host David Bromstad, on the belief that all interior designers are gay