Forty Under 40

These budding powerhouses, leaders in media, politics, sports, and science, are facilitating our future. Meet the architects of the next decade.



Christopher Dibble • 33
Los Angeles

Christopher Dibble believes it’s important to recognize the contributions made by LGBT people who came before him. A photographer with much editorial and commercial work to his credit, he’s begun a series of still photos and short video documentaries called “Grow,” focusing on people over 50.

“Everything they did allowed me to walk down the street and hold my husband’s hand,” says Dibble, who has so far photographed 15 people in Los Angeles and San Francisco and plans to add those from other cities. He envisions making the images available in a variety of venues—in galleries, on T-shirts, in a book, and in a documentary film. He hopes to get the number to at least 100, but hasn’t set a limit.

“If I could photograph people in the elder community for the rest of my life, I would,” he says.