Another Gay Movie, Take 2

Get ready for spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- Todd Stephens style. Writer-director Stephens, who put a queer twist on teen comedies like American Pie with Another Gay Movie in 2006, is back with more magic in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!



Shooting on
Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! wrapped last
month in Fort Lauderdale after three weeks. Director
Todd Stephens headed back to New York City to
begin editing, after a stop in Los Angeles to shoot a
few remaining scenes, including one with Perez Hilton who
gets amnesia after, well ... they won’t let me
say. The film is due to be released in the summer of

So what is new
about this edition? There are a bunch of secrets
I’m not allowed to reveal, but Stephens will
let out that there’s a little gay-spoofed
Beach Blanket Bingo (complete with a
lubed-up Slip ’n Slide), a campy version of ThePrice Is Right (with hottie porn star couple
Aden and Jordan Jaric as your Vanna Whites), and even
some gay Dawn of the Dead (let’s just
say freaky hands meet private parts). Since it’s
spring break, there’s a lot of eye candy thrown
in -- with good measure -- and there’s even a
story you can sink your teeth into.

Another Gay Movie followed the adventures of
Nico and his friends on their zany quest to lose their
virginity. Now the boys are back, reuniting in Fort
Lauderdale for spring break. Beneath the campy sets,
sexy costumes, and outrageous gags, the debates sparked by
the first film continues: How does casual sex fit into life?
Is monogamy possible? Do gays really think only about
sex? All this, framed within the context of a wild 'n'
sexy spring break competition.

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