And the Winner Is ... Milk

When director Stanley Kramer made Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, interracial marriage was still illegal in 16 states. Now his widow explains why she chose the similarly influential Milk to receive this year's Stanley Kramer Award.   




Do you think Milk has that kind of influence? Absolutely. I wouldn’t have picked it if
it hadn’t. When people saw Guess Who’s
Coming to Dinner,
it affected them -- it
changed their minds about the things they were thinking. I
pray that Milk has the same power. I’m
working hard to make it so. We release the name of the award
winner very early because we want to create a buzz. We
want to bring awareness to not only a great movie, but
a great cause as well.

You have a great enthusiasm for what you do. In this business there is no sure deal. We do it
because we’re hooked on it. We’re all
masochistic. Anyone will tell you that if you can do
something else you should. In showbiz, most of the time
you're unemployed. The rest of the time you’re
either trying to get money to make something or
you’re defending what you’ve already made.
I’m not in this to make money. I want to know
that when it’s all over, I’ve made some
change -- change in the world. What good is doing
something just for yourself? It’s got to effect
change in the world.

Do you think Stanley would be proud of Milk
and the changes it’s bringing about?
The quote that best describes Stanley comes from
his movie Judgment at Nuremberg. One of the judges
says, “This is what we stand for: justice,
truth, and the value of a single human being.”
That sums him up.

Sounds like something Harvey Milk would have said. That it does. That it does.

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