The Gayest Nongay Movie Ever Made

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor getting hot and heavy? Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa said they wanted to go all the way and then some with their comedy I Love You Phillip Morris.




But you obviously included those scenes knowing
they were going to push your audience.
Glenn: We thought by coming in hard [laughs]
with the first scene of Jim having anal sex, that
people would go, "OK, anything can happen here."
Everything else from then on out is them getting together.
It isn't some treatise on casual sex or anything.John: And a lot of it is just our style. Our
style is to treat sexuality in a very casual way. We have
always done that. We felt there was no reason to
change our style just because it happened to be two
men. If this were a movie between a man and woman,
there would have been all those raw jokes. That is just our
oeuvre, baby. Glenn: But there was concern by
some people that it was touchy material. This isn't
reserved to homosexuality. There is a whole thing in
Hollywood that you can't write a negative female
character, under the thumb of a man or something. There is
always some sort of issue. Instead they are just a person.John: There are a lot of bullshit rules in
Hollywood and we like to ignore them.

And you didn't consult anyone from the gay
community on the script?
John: Well, sure, we have lots of gay friends.

Did you ever worry how it would be perceived by them?Glenn: We never went for a homophobic joke. It
is all based on that it is funny because it is funny, not
because it is homophobic. The closest you get is the
scene in Miami where Jim is so over the top because he
is so new at being gay. Ewan calls it his "gay bender."John: That is also part of the narrative
conceit of being conned. You think that there is this
superficial world that he has entered into when he is
first out and in Miami. And later on you realize he
has been lying to the audience. And in fact it was far
from superficial. He had a real life, a real love with
Jimmy, played by Rodrigo Santoro, and a real loss when
he dies. That is a mechanical thing. That has no gay
context; we wanted the audience to be conned. Just
like he did to the people in his life.

Your film just premiered and you got your first
audiences. Were you expecting that inevitable question
that came right out of the gate at the premiere
Q&A: "What is it like to kiss a guy?"
Glenn: It is really annoying, actually. It is a
stupid question. It's a mouth. It feels the same.John: I think actually Ewan answered the
question very straightforward.

Yes, he responded right away saying that it wasn't
weird or awkward kissing or cuddling with Jim or any
guy. And it was so matter of fact, as if the
question is a non-question.
John: And what Jim has been saying from the
very beginning is that who wouldn't want to kiss Ewan
McGregor. I mean, he may be straight, but Ewan
McGregor is a beautiful man. It is such a nonissue.
These are brilliant, seasoned actors. There was never a beat
or a moment when they were freaked out by it.

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