You’re costarring with Nathan Lane in the musical version of The Addams Family. What can we expect from you in that role?
A long black dress! [Laughs] I'm still in the development stage, so I'm not exactly sure of how it's going to go, except that I know it's going to be fantastic and the cast is magnificent and incredibly talented and people that you've heard of that are going to be great and people who you may not have heard of who are going to be great who you're going to discover.

If you could create the perfect role for you, what would it entail?

There are all kinds of beautiful plays that exist in the world that I'd like to work on. I did a Shakespeare play some years ago and I'd love to go back and take a crack at another one -- or two or three. Don't ask me which ones, just what ever I can pull off at this age. Also, there's an off-Broadway piece that I made called Here Lies Jenny at the Zipper Theater [in New York]. It was a very moving, beautiful piece, and I really want to make that into a film.

With your vast résumé, can you speak about how instrumental gays have been in your career?

What a funny question! I have no idea. I don't know how instrumental they've been. Certainly most of the people that I've worked with in the theater have been gay. The first show I ever did was A Chorus Line, and that was [renowned director-choreographer] Michael Bennett. The first or second time I did a straight play -- no pun intended -- a play without music, I remember a guy in the cast said, "So what's the difference between a straight play and musicals?" And I said, "There're more straight guys here!" [Laughs] I'd never seen so many straight guys in a play without the music, singing and dancing. Most of the people that I've worked with are gay.

Your two-time Emmy-winning role, Lilith, was beyond uptight, but Sam Malone got her to let her hair down. Do you think Lilith would have ever gotten down and dirty with Rebecca Howe?

[Laughs] You know, probably! That's such a funny question. Sure, yeah! I think because if you'd asked Kirstie [Alley] whether Rebecca Howe would have ever gotten down and dirty with Lilith, I think she'd say the same thing ... I hope she'd say the same thing! My feelings might be hurt!

Who do you think Lilith would go for, Shelley Long or Kirstie Alley?
I think probably Rebecca. Please don't take offense, but there'd probably be alcohol involved. [Laughs]

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