Interestingly, early sci-fi showed humans
being threatened by aliens, but in Avatar aliens are threatened by
human beings. What do you think accounts for this shift in contemporary

It’s interesting because I think with every decade
our view of what aliens are changes. In the ’50s it was guys with big
heads ... and this year in District 9, the aliens were much nicer than the

Jim said a very interesting thing at Comic-Con. He said
science fiction is the exploration of what it means to be human, so I
think it’s interesting that in our movie, the people one can learn the
most from are not even human, and I do think it goes along with the
whole underlying environmental message of the movie, which is respect
for species, respect for nature, and respect for what we don’t know,
can’t control, and don’t understand.

James Cameron says that
Avatar is a movie that "has everything." Having worked with him before
and knowing his stellar track record at the box office, how do you
think this film will stack up to everything else he’s done, and do you
think there might even be an Oscar nod waiting in the wings for this

Yes to all of your questions. I think it will be his most successful movie.

You say that with such certainty. Why?
has changed my understanding of what filmmaking is and what filmmaking
can do. Turn on this movie and you will go to Pandora. Some people can
go places without even being in a theater [laughs], but this is going
to take everyone there whether they want to be there or not.

me, I can’t believe a film can do this, and we’re all aware that we are a
part of something that is going to have a huge impact. You can sense
that we’re stepping over a threshold into a different way of making a
movie. I think there’s no end to this technology and what this will do
for us.

Jim said this is the movie I wanted to see when I was 14,
and this is the movie I wanted to see when I was 14 too. There’s a
14-year-old in all of us that wants to see this movie.

question. There has been buzz about a sequel to Ghostbusters and maybe
a prequel to Aliens. What’s the skinny? Will you be involved?

think there are a couple guys who want to make a Ghostbusters with
younger ghostbusters and I think everyone has said fine go ahead. I
think Bill [Murray] might be in it and I just said that maybe my son
Oscar could have a part in it, but I don’t think any of us are really
any it except for Bill.

And the Aliens prequel?

I have no
idea. I can only imagine that they’re going to back to the planet from
which the original ship came from. But I won’t be in the prequel.

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