Travelin’ Thru: From Hollywood to Dollywood

Gay twins Gary and Larry Lane follow their dreams from Hollywood to Dollywood with their documentary about the journey to meet their idol Dolly Parton.



Dolly Parton’s fans are incredibly diverse, but this film concentrates largely on Dolly’s gay fan base. Is Hollywood to Dollywood a film for Dolly fans or a film for gay Dolly fans?
It’s a film for everyone. It’s for anyone who has ever chased a dream, anyone who has ever wanted to feel accepted. Of the 60 film festivals we have screened at, 35 of them were straight-themed film festivals. We know Dolly opened that door and helped us reach a bigger audience. We are thankful for that.

At some point I’m sure there will be a movie made about Dolly’s life. Who should play her?
Kristin Chenoweth! Dolly has campaigned for Kristin to play her in the Broadway story Dolly is writing about her life. I tweeted Kristin and asked her if I could send her Hollywood to Dollywood, and she said, “Of course!” She tweeted me days later, “OMG! I LOVED IT!” She is a huge Dolly fan too.

Now that you have met your idol was the reality better than the dream?
Yes. When we met her two years ago at Dollywood we would have never imagined that our little documentary idea would take us to Scotland, Australia, Canada, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, receive praise from Dolly herself, win numerous awards, and receive countless emails of thanks. The Dollywood theme for the 25th anniversary was "Celebrate the Dreamer in You," and we sure did.

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