9 Great Gay Alternatives for This Year's Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Who needs Her? We've got plenty of alternatives for you to see.



People who watched 12 Years a Slave should also watch Milk

Some Best Picture nominees, like American Hustle and Nebraska, are light, fun movies. 12 Years a Slave is certainly not fun, nor should it be. But the heartbreaking story of Solomon Northrup is important, and quite worthy viewing. That said, it might be too heavy to jump right into, so prepare with the also serious (yet still inspiring and enjoyable) Milk. Featuring an Oscar-winning lead performance by Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, the Dustin Lance Black-penned film crackles with energy in a way so few biopics do. Penn richly deserved the Oscar for his work; he’s also surrounded by a lively ensemble including James Franco, Josh Brolin, and Diego Luna.


People who watched Her should also watch A Single Man

If you have to watch a man lamenting his romance, maybe you’d prefer it be about the late love of his life, not his operating system. Colin Firth’s work as George in Tom Ford’s directorial debut is devastating. His pain over losing his great love, Jim (Matthew Goode), bleeds through the screen. There’s more to the film than George —including Nicholas Hoult as a student with whom George grows close, as well as Julianne Moore who plays a woman who is both effervescent and depressed — but Firth provides an unflinching, powerful emotional center.


People who watched Nebraska should also watch Gayby

Want a quiet dramedy, but need something a bit more colorful than Alexander Payne’s cute-but-quiet road trip movie? Try Gayby, the Jonathan Lisecki-directed film about a gay clerk at a comic book store and his female best friend who try to have a baby together. It’s got the same low-key sensibility with enjoyable characters and a quick-witted script. No, it may not have an Academy Award-winner at the helm, but the charm of this movie outweighs the gold.

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