Queer-Casting the Next X-Men Movie

We pick 10 LGBT characters who are ready to make their big-screen debut in the upcoming X-Men sequel, plus the actors who could easily slip into their boots.



Character: Dazzler
OK, so Dazzler isn’t queer. But being the premier superhero pop singer in the Marvel Universe means a strong argument can be made that she’s a gay icon. Dazzler originally debuted in 1980 as a roller-skating, catsuit-wearing rocker. She would be a fabulous addition to an X-movie set in the ’80s – the era in which X-Men: Apocalypse will reportedly take place. Ditch the skates and the disco influence and reintroduce Dazzler as a Madonna/Cyndi Lauper kind of rubber band bracelet–wearing, teased hair–sporting, fashion-trendsetting pop songstress, and you’ve got one fabulous addition to the team.

Dream Casting: Miley Cyrus
Before you scoff, hear us out. Miley has proven acting chops. She spent years playing Hannah Montana, so we know she’s not just a singer who wants to be an actress (sorry ’bout that, Madonna). Also, as crazy as her antics may be, the spotlight loves her. Who better to represent a larger-than-life mutant who can turn sound and music into multiple forms of light and lasers than the twerking sensation herself?

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