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The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: From The 3 Bits, to robot sex, to Queen.



8. FILM: Living Dolls
Some people collect stamps, others collect coins. But the most intriguing collectors are those who collect dolls. In award-winning filmmaker Maureen Judge's Living Dolls, Judge features four doll lovers whose collections have dominated their lives. Their reasons for harboring such an intense fascination with dolls vary from sexual fantasy to loneliness. Of particular interest is Mike, a gay doll collector who lives with his partner and parents. The documentary explains that Mike's Barbie doll collection is a facet of his sexual identity, both of which were forbidden secrets of his childhood. There is also a Living Dolls contest, in which the winner is awarded a doll made by Michael Sullivan, an artist and doll collector who is featured in the film. Sullivan's art installation "The Sex Life of Robots" is currently on display at the New York Museum of Sex.
Living Dolls will make its U.S. broadcast premier November 4 on LOGO TV at 10 p.m. Enter the contest here. — Nicholas Cimarusti

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