Hot Sheet: Let The Games Begin

It's finally here. Oh, and some other entertainment highlights this week — George Michael, vampires, you know, that kind of thing.



6. MUSIC: Bobby Newberry, “Sweat”

Bobby Newberry has so far been best known as a choreographer, working behind the scenes on shows like The X Factor on others' dance moves. But with the impending release of his first EP (on February 18), the quick-footed Newberry is ready to use a whole different skill: his voice. His single "Sweat" sounds like a gay club classic: a highly danceable beat with a repetitive lyrical structure. The video for "Sweat," released earlier this week, is equally high-octane, an exhilarating blast of energy that makes dancing in black in the Mojave desert seem like a sensible weekend plan. Plus, Newberry's abs are on display in the video — a true oasis in the desert. Get sweaty with Newberry in the video below. — Kevin O'Keeffe


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