Hot Sheet: It's Ryan Time Again

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Kwanten desires in True Blood, the Emmys, and always George Takei.



4. MUSIC: “Happy Little Pill,” Troye Sivan
The South African-born Australian vlogger-actor-singer with coiffed hair and a big voice embodies everything we know and believe about millennials with his soaring new single, "Happy Little Pill." Much like Lorde's "Royals," Sivan's tune offers snapshots of the things that bring instant gratification to young people, but delivers the words with an underlying swirl of sadness and caution. "Happy Little Pill" represents the overstimulated experience of this new generation, dealing with issues such as consumerism, relationships, and sexuality, all packaged in an emotional and thoughtful pop song. — Scott Ragan