Jill Sobule "Kissed a Girl" First

More than a decade before Katy Perry "Kissed a Girl," Jill Sobule made waves with her song of the same name. Now she's back with a new studio album paid for by her fans.



Lilith Fair is coming back. Would you be game to joining

Sure, I was the first time. It was fun. It was when my album
was out and Jewel's album was out. And you could tell that we
were on the same label. They worked her [CD] more than mine and
they put her on the main stage. And my first two shows, they
would put me on the 4 o'clock stage and the tickets said 4:30,
so I'd be starting and people would be putting up chairs. [

] But it ended up being great.

How big a thrill was it to induct Neil Diamond into the
Songwriters' Hall of Fame?

Oh, my God. [
Sings in Neil Diamond rasp

] "Love on the rocks, ain't no big surprise…" But the best
part about it was, I got to go onstage with all the people who
were the inductees. And so I was onstage singing "Kansas
City" -- Leiber and Stoller were also there -- but I was
onstage with Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, James Brown, Bobby
Womack, and Carole King. And then I was standing up next to
James Taylor and he looks at me and he goes, "Can you
believe who we're up here with?" [


How thrilling to be onstage with all of them.

Oh, my God, it's the highlight of my life. But it was
definitely a
Sesame Street

thing: One of these things doesn't belong!

How fabulous was it working on Nickelodeon's


Oh, man. That was such a fun gig to do. I want to do it again.
It was just so great, and Sue Rose, the woman who wrote it, was
genius, and [star] Emma [Roberts] was great. It was my first
and only day job I ever had. It was the first regular paycheck.
But it was like a paycheck where every day I would just goof
off and I'd look at the script and then I'd look at the film
and I got to put whatever music I could put into it. And no one
hardly ever changed anything!

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