Beth Ditto is sporting what is best described as the coolest bright-red bowl cut ever. Which is no surprise. The lead singer of Gossip, the funky-punk band from Portland, Ore., is known for her loud fashion, powerful voice, and plus size.

“I’ve been called a rockin’ roly-poly,” Ditto says, “I like that.”

The out singer, 28, in age and likely in size, makes for an unlikely fashionista: Ditto recently designed a plus-size clothing collection and serves as the muse for top designers like Alexander McQueen.

She’s appeared naked in NME, which also named her the coolest person in rock, and strips onstage. Ditto has been dubbed a role model for any gay girl who’s ever wanted to front a band or been told “but you have such a pretty face.”

“I consider myself an R-O-L-L model,” she laughs, in true fashion form wearing an H&M belted black dress at a SoCal show.

Gossip took the stage December 11 in San Diego as part of the W Hotels Wonderlust Live Concert Series, a partnership with Sony Music featuring performances by award-winning and emerging artists.

The punk trio — Ditto, Brace Paine, and Hannah Billie — played hits from their 2006 breakthrough album Standing in the Way of Control as well as covers like Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” no doubt a testament to the band’s versatility and Ditto’s effortless bravado.

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