Jane Wiedlin: Go, Jane, Go!

Out on tour again with the Go-Go’s, Jane Wiedlin talks gay groupies, bandmate Belinda Carlisle’s memoir, and activist alter ego Reverend Sister Go-Go.



JANE WEIDLIN THE GOGOS 3 X390 | ADVOCATE.COM I still love you as the singing telegram girl in Clue.
My five seconds of fame, right? [Laughs] I’ve also just written and directed my own first movie, The Pyrex Glitch, a science-fiction comedy that will hopefully come out next year. And I have my own sci-fi comic book series, Lady Robotika, so I’m very busy.

Aren’t you also working on a Lady Robotika musical?
Yeah, it’s already done and ready to go, so I’m kind of just sitting here waiting for some theater angel to help me make it happen. I have no idea how to make a musical happen. It wasn’t hard to write, but getting it made is the tricky part.

You wrote the official theme song for the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. How did that come about?
The owner, Doug Quint, is a longtime fan who I’ve become friends with over the years. He asked me to write the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck theme song, and it came out great, so I encourage people to check it out on iTunes. I love being associated with what he’s doing because it’s good for society and because he’s doing wonderful things with ice cream. If you’re in New York City, you definitely want to find his truck because he has the most amazing, crazy, exotic toppings.

You’ll also appear as a guest judge on the upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag U.
Yes. I’ve always felt in touch with my inner drag queen. I’ve known RuPaul and Lady Bunny for decades, so it was fun to see them again, especially now that they’re all successful and stuff. It was a great time hanging out with all of those characters.

Does being around drag queens inspire you to glam it up?
No, it’s the opposite. Seeing what those fabulous men go through to transform themselves makes me want to stay in my pajamas and never wear makeup again.

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