Editors' Personal Madonna Moments



Tracy Gilchrist, SheWired editor-in-chief: A kitty, licking milk from a bowl like a feline, chains and shackles, those unbelievably cut deltoids, a monocle, gender-bending, crotch grabbing and beefcake men in suits as cogs in the machine ala Metropolis

“Express Yourself”
was endlessly fascinating and titillating for me, a lesbian coming out and of age in the late 1980’s. Back when MTV still played music videos I taped the video — that’s right, on VHS — and played it over and over until the tape got those trademark worn-out ripples. Madonna’s brazen sexuality resonated for me in a way that previously only Annie Lennox had been able to do — both women mining the liminal space of feminine and masculine energy. 

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