PHOTOS: LGBT Celebs on the Blessing and Curse of Aging

Greg Louganis, Peter Paige, Wilson Cruz, Tuc Watkins, Blake McIver and more shine a spotlight on the joys as well at the challenges that come with aging in the LGBT community.

BY Daniel Reynolds

July 31 2014 6:00 AM ET

Peter Paige (The Fosters, Queer as Folk, pictured right)

Best part of growing older?
[laughs] Giving much less of a shit about what other people think.

Greatest challenge of growing older?
Resources. Community. [LGBT seniors] are from a generation that wasn’t out, necessarily, or was out in secret, that was decimated by HIV and AIDS. I think there’s a lot of challenges unique to that generation in terms of isolation and getting the resources to finish their days in fulfilled and safe ways. And dignity!