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Days' Sorel talks about her return as Auntie Viv, Morgan Fairchild and friends get a fashion lesson, Kish moves forward, Chappell dishes about Venice, Hansis and Beemer booted, AMC moves west ... will Lucci?




The Fashion Challenge episodes get more twisted with the hilarious trio of Jim J. Bullock, Alan Thicke, and Melissa Rivers as “celebrity” judges. Bullock plays Sergei, the gay wedding planner. Thicke plays slimy talk-show host Rich Ginger, and Melissa Rivers plays herself. LOL! They all accept a bribe designed to sway their vote, but does it?

Bullock told me he has judged something in real life that any gay lover of beauty pageants would find amusing.

“I was a judge for the Miss Teen USA pageant, somewhere in Louisiana when a hurricane hit in the early '90s. It was the only pageant that I knew of that they crowned two queens. That is because they had to pretape it and they did not want it to leak to the press. So they gave it to Miss Wyoming and stopped taping and made her give her back her crown and get back and line! Then they crowned Miss Missouri. So when the judges left no one had known who had won --Miss Wyoming or Miss Missouri --but we found out that night when it aired.”

For more of my interview with Morgan and friends, go to my website to hear the audio and read the full transcript.

St. John Sounds-off on Adam and Rafe

Y&R’s Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) was recently a guest on BlogTalkRadio’s Buzzworthy Radio.

The eight-time NAACP award winner (and two-time Daytime Emmy winner) sounded off on many subjects involving how minorities were represented on the show, including the handling of the gay story lines. St. John stated, "If you look at the story line on our show with Adam and Rafe, that whole thing petered out and turned out to be such a crock. And forgive me for going there with it, but if you're going to do a gay story line on the show, then do something topical and current. And what could be more topical than Proposition 8 in California but doing a same-sex marriage thing. You don't have to go there with that character who's going through so many things -- being blind, screwing over Victor, doing the thing with Mary Jane, the baby with Ashley -- man, come on. Don't cheat the audience out of a really hot, good story line that would reflect what is actually happening out there in our world and in our nation."

Speaking of Adam and Rafe, let’s take a look at where things stand. Adam has duped D.A. Heather Stevens (with whom he had been sleeping). He confessed to her that he spent one night with Rafe. He had to, to keep up his nefarious plan. Heather is repulsed. She cries on her father’s shoulder and says something akin to, “How can someone who is a D.A. and extremely intelligent be so stupid?” Then Rafe (another intelligent lawyer) drops by Adam’s to tell him that it was a big step to come out to Heather, and he will help him! Are these two so smitten with this blind evildoer that they can’t figure this out? Stay tuned for more unscrupulous confusion on today’s episode.

Four Score and Seven Hunks Ago: Adonis 2009 competition

It’s down to four fabulous hunks who will vie for the top soap stud in all the land. is sad to report that two of your beloved are O-U-T! Yup, Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT) got the boot last week, and Brandon Beemer was given the eject button the week before. Now it’s down to Steve Burton (Jason, GH), Jake Silbermann (Noah, ATWT), Mark Lawson (OLTL), and James Scott (Days). Vote today through August 18 for this round. Remember only one vote per day, so use it wisely.

Crystal Chappell Answers Your Burning Questions About Venice

Uber-popular soap star and now producer Crystal Chappell released an online video this week with writer-producer Kim Turrisi to answer fan questions about her upcoming online series Venice, which will feature a lesbian-themed love story as one of its centerpieces. Check out what she had to say about how long viewers will have to wait for a kiss. She promises it won’t be no Otalia mess.

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