Gay fans were concerned over the part of the cancellation item that had Kish’s story line potentially being shifted over to AMC if OLTL gets the ax. We can’t let this show fade away!
I don’t have a crystal ball, but if our show did not make sense financially, and if our show did not have the edgy audience and wasn’t this good and didn’t have the passionate audience that it does, then maybe we wouldn’t have survived. Our cast is so diverse, so edgy, and so unpredictable to be filed into a pigeonhole. I mean, we might adapt if need be to a move to Los Angeles, if needed. The cast is as wild a mix of the city of New York itself. If one of the ABC entities has to be branded or rightfully branded in a New York moment paradigm, there is no question it would have to be our show.

Since you are gay-friendly, how do you think the Kish story line is being told?

I think it’s a slippery slope to critique your fellow actors. But in this case all three men are doing such beautiful work that maybe that is why the Internet rumors that the three of them were going to be stolen from One Life to All My Children probably was so upsetting.

Coming up is Dorian’s big gay wedding! The special episodes will air on October 30 and continue on November 2. To set the stage for this twist of twists: Dorian hires a gay female campaign manager played by Tia Dionne Hodge, who has been popping up to Dorian since the OLTL anniversary episodes!
Yes, and she played the angel Mel previously. You will notice the name Amelia has the word Mel in it. This is just Robin speaking, who would literally give up half of my liver, but I would love to have Stephen Markle come back as Mel. Whether they drag him out of a prison camp where he has been held hostage or whatever, I would love to see that character come back!

Me too! So what was your comfort level reading that Dorian was going to say she was gay to sway the gay vote in Llanview in her battle for the mayor spot against her enemy, Viki?

I immediately went to the source and said, “Now, is she just saying she is gay? Or, is she actually going to experiment with it?” They said, “No, no. She is just saying she is gay because she wants to get the gay vote. She hears Viki has a gay constituency, and she wants to co-opt that and get even more votes.” That made me uncomfortable because you are talking about the character that I play that I have to love, even when she is massively messing up. I have to find some way to forgive her and stay on that track. Dorian thinks she’s right and right-minded when she hires a gay woman and then introduces her to the public as “I would like you to meet my new campaign manager,” which by the way happened because David refused to help out Dorian by saying he was gay. Huffy-puffy Dorian is like all in her own stuff. She hired a gay woman, an out gay advocate, and here she is standing there in front of the press and motormouthed she psychobabbles, “She is my campaign manager and she is my ... fiancée!” Good heavens! It definitely is out there. It’s so wacky-doodle that Dorian went that far. Later, in our representation of this commitment ceremony, Dorian and Amelia are standing there, but Dorian is there putting on a facade. But the three men, Oliver, Kyle, and Nick, have an emotional journey that is so beautifully acted out. I looked on and went, “I am so glad that these young men are doing such a fantastic job with such beautifully written material.” It just took off and went to another level!


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