In season 2 the ladies of Venice tell me you can expect more gal on gal action. It’s a far cry from where Chappell was one year ago on Guiding Light as part of Otalia, who touched foreheads as a way of showing affection more than any other living human beings on the planet. “The lack of a kiss was disgusting and ridiculous. I had a fear when I was working on Guiding Light when I realized we were touching foreheads. I understand building suspense and longing, but then the realization hit me that they are never going to let these two women kiss. And I thought, in some small, small way, that I appreciate that Otalia can go off. I was afraid of what would happen if something ridiculous happens where Olivia decides all of a sudden, 'I am heterosexual.' You know what I am saying? I just did not want it to be debased in any way. I love where people go with that, and that is my one small gratitude about the show being canceled, because I was concerned about what would have happened.”

So what did the two online mavericks and champions of a continuing same-sex love story have to say about this week’s end of Kish on One Life to Live? “It is very disheartening, and I was so disappointed,” Chappell said. “I don’t know the circumstances, and I know everyone is dealing with budgets. It seemed to be working, and so I don’t get that. You have to play it out, and it has to be something that is taken seriously.”

Kim added, “I am actually, as a gay person, disgusted and saddened by it. Not only was it working, but for the life of me, don’t abandon it. They put out a love story, and the sad part about it is, a love story is a love story. People say, How do you write gay characters? I write all characters the same, in the regard that love is love. I will hold to that until I am in the ground. I don’t care who you are or your gender or your color. If you are going to invest in the same-sex storyline, then please, dear God, the gay community is in these relationships, and you can’t just abandon it.”

Goodbye, Kish!

As of Monday there will only be one same-sex couple left on American daytime television — which is a 180 from where we were a year ago, when I could write about a record-breaking five in this column. Today, possibly, is the most disappointing and disheartening loss of all, as viewers witness the final scenes together of One Life to Live’s beloved couple — Kish (pictured above), played by Scott Evans (Fish) and Brett Claywell (Kyle). And here is a synopsis of how it ends, as Kish go up against Gigi Morasco (Farah Fath) for custody of Fish’s biological daughter: “The custody hearing for Sierra Rose gets under way, with Fish asserting his rights as the baby’s father. Seeing the love Fish has for his daughter, Gigi withdraws her petition for custody. Fish and Kyle assure Gigi she’ll always play an important role in Sierra Rose’s life.” And ... scene!

So where do Kish go? Apparently, nowhere! The duo will still be residents of Llanview ... way, way off-camera ... with their new little bundle of joy to raise. Claywell has one more brief appearance scheduled to air this Friday when he gives some news to Rex.

TV Guide magazine published an item last week titled "Was One Life Too Gay for America?" Could that have been it? According to ABC Daytime rep Jori Petersen, the story did not resonate with many viewers: “The Kish story did not have the appeal we hoped it would. We are going to spend our time on stories that have a more favorable reaction from our audience. We are sunsetting the storyline, but Kish will remain in Llanview. The door is open.” So was it the low ratings? A business decision? To top it all off, the rumor mill suggests One Life to Live’s brilliant head writer Ron Carlivati’s job now seems to be in question. The show has hired back former head writer Jean Passanante, who is currently at the helm of As the World Turns until June. That show goes off the air after 54 years in September. Passanante is returning to One Life as associate head writer. Could there be a disheartening switcheroo coming shortly after that? Currently, the show is confirming that Carlivati is staying at the creative helm.

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