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JOAN AND MELISSA 4 X390 (WETV) | ADVOCATE.COMAs a comic who doesn’t hold back, what’s your take on Ricky Gervais as host of this year’s Golden Globes?
I thought he was great. What did they think he was going to talk about? If you invite Kirstie Alley to your dinner party, she’ll lick your plate. [Laughs] You go to a proctologist, he’ll examine your ass. It’s the same thing. When you invite Ricky Gervais to host, he’s going to do wild jokes. That’s what he does. I hosted the Emmys about 10 years ago and they double- and triple-guessed me. They were like, “You can’t say this and you can say that.” So what’s the point?

How do you think James Franco and Anne Hathaway will fare hosting the Oscars?
I think the producers will get what they deserve. Nothing against these two, but if you want to have a nice ladies-and-gentlemen evening ... Maybe there will be surprises. Maybe Anne Hathaway will wear tassels and twirl them. I’m hoping she’ll rip off her dress and bring out a pole.

Besides being a revered comic, red carpet interviews are a big part of your legacy. Do you think you’ve changed the way celebrities dress?
Melissa and I have, absolutely! The stylists of America should send us a check every week. When we started doing the red carpets everyone dressed themselves. We’ve made it a lot more chic and less fun.

Would you say Hollywood has started playing it too safe out of fear of your comments?
Hollywood has absolutely become safe. This year, if the look is ruffles, they’ll all be in ruffles. At the Globes green was the color and there were six green dresses. Ball gowns! Everyone looked like they were standing on toilet paper.

Do you ever pull punches with your celebrity friends’ fashion choices?
I do give comedians more of a break. We’re not glamorous actresses. You have Tina Fey looking human, so I say good for Tina Fey. You have Sarah Silverman looking good, good for Sarah Silverman. And Kathy Griffin looks good. She’s so into fashion. So I say good for our team.

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