Aug Sept 2016
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Here TV Puts 10 Candles on the Cake

Here TV Puts 10 Candles on the Cake

When The Advocate was founded in 1967, it was a daring endeavor. But just as rebellious as it was to launch a gay magazine 46 years ago was the idea to create exclusive television content for an LGBT audience a decade ago.

That's what Here TV — owned by the same company as The Advocate — did 10 years ago, and it's been providing unabashedly queer content ever since. The 24-hour subscription service airs on all major U.S. cable systems and in 96 of the top 100 U.S. markets, and features sexy fare like The Lair, hilarious shows such as She's Living for This, and news programs including For and Against

"When we launced the network, a purely LGBT network was met with great skepticism and tremendous resistance," said Josh Rosenzweig, Here TV's senior vice president of original programming and development.

Here is not backing away from LGBT content and is launching the New Frontiers Film Project as a way for LGBT filmmakers to submit projects for broadcast in coming years. But for now, click through to see some of the network's diverse lineup and click here to read more about the network.

The Lair

Lair Teefx633

This sexy soap featured blood-sucking gay vampires.

Lair Morettix633

David Moretti stars in The Lair.

Lair Embracex633

Moretti gets a bite.

Dante's Cove

DC Boysx633

The boys of Dante's Cove, a drama with fantastical elements.

Tracy Scoggins Gregory LeeDCx633

Tracy Scoggins and Gregory Lee

Greg Lee And Gregory MichaelDCx633

Greg Lee and Gregory Michael heat up the small screen in Dante's Cove.

For And Againstx633

For & Against, with Jim Morrison

Just Josh

JJ Charo Joshx633

Just Josh: Josh Rosenzweig with Charo

JustJosh DuranDuranx633

Just Josh: Rosenzweig with Duran Duran

She's Living for This

SLFT Sherryx633

Drag sensation Sherry Vine

SLFT Dancex633

She's Living for This: A big number!

Paradise Falls

Paradise Fallsx633

The boys of Paradise Falls, another steamy drama

PF Cate Julie Trish

Cate, Julie and, Trish of Paradise Falls

PF Bea Pete Wes Yvonne

Bea, Pete, Wes, and Yvonne of Paradise Falls